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Note: Remis was down at the MTS Centre today when the Jets were installing the Winnipeg Jets logo on the ice. He was tweeting as always from @illegalcurve.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Rough road ahead for ‘Big Buff’.  We are putting the cart before the horse.  Once he is formally charged, then it will be time to deal with possible scenarios.

Winnipeg Sun:  Welcome to the fish bowl Buff.  And to think it all started with a tweet.  Of course that snowballs and then next thing you know, it is splashed across the internet.  While Manitoba is hockey mad, anything Jets related is going to get a lot of press in this first year.
Big Buff Tweet

Winnipeg Free Press:  Season tickets to their ‘Jets cave’.  A lot of people who set aside money for Jets tickets were shut out.  Some have joined the 8000 strong waiting list while others signed up for Bombers season tickets.  This family in particular used the money to improve the entertainment ‘zone’ in their house so they could enjoy Jets games in style and it sounds like many other are doing something similar.

The Barrie Examiner:  Scheifele packs on some muscle.  Appears  the Jets 1st round draft choice was quite productive this summer.

After the Jump more details on Big Buff’s arrest complete with TMZ like mug shots, Jets jersey to be revealed Tuesday, Burmistrov feels right at home in Winnipeg and Jets prospect Carl Klingberg displays the type of attitude you want from a young gun.  In ‘Around the NHL’ news Glen Sather’s Oiler managerial style wasn’t for everyone and Stamkos feels no pressure.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets Burmistrov feels right at home.  Another quality player who sounds like he wants to be here and is excited for the opportunity playing in Winnipeg affords him.

Winnipeg Free Press:  More details released on Jets Byfuglien arrest.  Big Buff isn’t looking too happy in his mug shot.  We will have to wait and see if the Lake Minnetonka Conservation DA plans to proceed with charges or not.

Big Buff

Winnipeg Sun:  ‘Energy guy’ Klingberg ready to show Jets he means business.  Our player prospect expert Kyle is high on this kid and with this type of attitude I can see why:

“My goal is to take the jersey and play in the NHL from the start,” he said. “I’m going to fight like hell in the camp to get a spot.”

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jet jersey unveiling set for Tuesday.  Is this city going to explode when the reveal finally happens?  Trust IC to bring you up to the minute coverage on Tuesday.

Around the NHL:

Edmonton Journal:  In defence of Glen Sather against his accuser, the failed phenom Jason Bonsignore.   Sometimes the style that nurtures a Gretzky or a Messier will have the opposite effect on another player and that is what appears to have happened here.

TBO:  Stamkos not feeling the pressure.  He uses the word honest too much, which leads me to believe he might be a little bit deceptive.  Let’s face it, when you sign a monster contract, you are bound to feel some pressure.