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Portage Daily Graphic:  Jets forward counting on rural support.  Bryan Little is discovering what we already knew, that people throughout this Province are going nuts for all things Jets.

OC Register:  Selanne optimistic about playing this season.  The only people happier than fans of the Ducks is the entire city of Winnipeg.  Looks like that Ducks game on the 17th of December is going to go up in desirability after the Finnish Flash said this:

“So far, so good. I’ve been skating three weeks now, and I’m really optimistic,” Selanne said by cell phone on his way to the charity event, in his first interview since returning to Orange County with his family. “I’d like to play one more year, but I want to be sure I can play and enjoy the game the way I always do.”  Re-draft all 30 NHL teams.  Guys over at a few days back had some time to kill so they re-drafted the entire league.  What do you think of the “new look” Jets?  Love the idea of having Datsyuk on our team.

Around the NHL:

NESN:  Bruins ready to face nightly challenge.  When you’re a David and you’ve beaten Goliath, everyone is pulling for you.  However, inevitably fickle fans will turn on the upstart, once he’s proven to be the new big dog, and those same fans become detractors, pulling for you to lose.
bruins stanley cup

After the jump more on the Oilers Gagner’s recovery from his freak accident, the young Canes are proving themselves and concussions continue to dominate the talk at a Quebec hockey summit.

Edmonton Journal:  Gagner recovers from freak accident.  If the Oilers don’t want the 1st overall pick again this season, they are going to need players like Gagner to be playing and to stay healthy with Edmonton fans hoping he cracks the 20 goal plateau for the first time in his career.

News and Observer:  Young Canes proving mettle.  While everyone assumes that the life of a player is all partying, a lot of these young guys have to spend the entire summer training just to get themselves remotely ready to compete for a position on an NHL roster.

Globe and Mail:  Concussions dominate talks at Quebec hockey summit.  It really seems that the league is trying to get this epidemic under control, but they are still trying to figure out the best means for achieving same.