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It’s a slow week for Winnipeg Jets news, but the NHL and NHLPA continue their meetings in Toronto this week. On yesterday’s lockout watch, the needle was pointed in favour of hockey by September 15th, but today our needle starts closer to “lockout” on our imaginary “lockout watch” meter.

CBA News

The Canadian Press: Wide gap, says Bettman. Yesterday it appeared that the two sides were close, but apparently not so.

The Globe and Mail: Gary Bettman says ‘wide gap’ remains in NHL labour talks. They have thirty days to close that gap, can they do it?

USA Today: NHL reviews proposal, says ‘wide gap’ remains. Grantland’s Katie Baker said it best yesterday in her “Bake Shop” column,

“This labor negotiation is about how to split up a pie. The last one, which cost the league a full season, was different: more like the bakery had burned down, and they had to figure out how to rebuild it.”

C’mon NHL and NHLPA, split up that pie! As Rob Schnider said, “you can do it!“. NHL fans should prepare for the worst. I’ve got my lockout emergency kit ready, I knew PVRing every Jets game from last season would come in handy!

The Hockey News: Players playing nice in CBA talks. In the case of billionaires versus millionaires, it’s easier to take the side of the little(er) guy. (Especially if they unanimously lost the last CBA negotiation.)

The New York Times: NHL Commissioner Not Impressed with Union’s Proposal. I think it was Richard Pollock who compared Gary Bettman to Inspector Gadget’s Dr. Claw on a previous episode of the Illegal Curve Hockey Show. (You know, if Gary Bettman were a cartoon villain.)

The Sporting News: NHL labor talks: Donald Fehr ‘s union counterproposal a forward-thinking stroke of geinus. Wake me up when this is over and we can just play hockey. NHLPA seeks cooperation in CBA talks. A nice summary of all the key issues at stake here. (If you didn’t get that from the previous seven CBA articles).

NHL News Report: 6-year extension for Simmonds. A six year, $24 million dollar extension for the 23-year old. That’s an average annual value of $4 million, a nice raise from the $2 million he will earn this upcoming season before his extension kicks in the year after.

Vancouver Province: Canucks fans remember Rick Rypien with gathering outside Rogers Arena. I’ll also recommend to everyone to visit the Canucks’ sponsored website