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CBA talks continue today in Toronto, I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes out of today’s meetings.

Winnipeg Jets News

Winnipeg Free Press: A blend of agendas best for Jets fans. I’d like to believe the two sides can agree how to split $3 billion before September 15…sounds like an easy task, no?

Winnipeg Free Press: Jets rep feels deal can be reached. Glad to hear Ron Hainsey thinks the same, maybe there will be hockey in September.

Winnipeg Free Press: Businesses brace for the worst Lockout a dismal prospect. Don’t forget how the lockout would effect the third parties, aka. the downtown businesses who saw a boom last year due to the return of the Jets.

Winnipeg Free Press: True North and Jets extend ECHL affiliation with Colorado Eagles. Looks like the Eagles will be a part of the organization for one more season.

CBA News

Globe & Mail: NHLPA tables offer to league, says players are willing to accept less. At first glance, this sounds like a step in the right direction. Hopefully the owners see it that way too.

The Canadian Press: NHLPA tables offer to league, says players willing to accept less. While the headline may be the same, this is in fact a different article from above.

USA Today: NHLPA makes first proposal in labor talks. Each day they talk, we get a bit closer to hockey.

The Detroit News: NHL players union’s proposal cause for optimism. We might be getting somewhere. Star-studded NHL cast stakes their ground in labour dispute. Player involvement can only help negotiations, right? I’m sure many of them are well versed in collective bargaining... Vote: Will the NHL season start on time? As of Wednesday morning, 62.9% expect some of the season to be lost.

NHL News

The Hockey News: Free Agent Freeze. While there are a few quality free agents left, I wouldn’t expect the Jets to go after any of them, they appear to be done for the summer (aside from signing their restricted free agents).

The Detroit News: Detroit Red Wings fans: Thanks for the memories Tomas Holmstrom, but it’s time to retire. Tough to see fans turn on a guy who helped the franchise to four Stanley Cups…but maybe time is running out for the 39 year old. As a Mariners fan, I can relate to this as they went through a similar situation with Ichiro who was on the final year of his contract at age 38. It was definitely tough at first when they traded him to the Yankess, but in the name of winning, players are just commodities.

National Post: Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle extensions are Oilers’ next priority. It could be tough for the Oilers to be able to fit all that talent under the cap. They could be in for a situation similar to the one Pittsburgh was in this summer when they traded Jordan Staal.

Junior Hockey

The Canadian Press: Overtime goal gives Canada challenge series hockey title against Russia. Watching Dennis Beyak call a game on TSN made Ezra Ginsburg “really miss Jets season

Here’s what Winnipeg’s Brendan Leipsic tweeted about the Canada-Russia challenge:

The Canadian Press: Max Domi leads Canada past Swedes at Hlinka tournament. Canada is now 2-0.

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