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Note: The Jets practiced for a second consecutive day on Tuesday as they prepared for game two of this three game homestand. Morning skate gets underway at 9:30 AM CT so stay tuned for the pre-game report to get the full 411 ahead of the game against the Red Wings. Puck drop is at 6:30 PM CDT and following the final buzzer we want you to join the conversation on the Illegal Curve Post-Game Show.

Note II: The Moose are also getting loose today but they play at 10:30 AM as they kick off three games on the road in Milwaukee against the Admirals in a school day game. These are always entertaining as they feature 1000s of kids yelling and screaming regardless of what is happening on the ice (unless there is a fight and then they all yell “fight fight fight”).

Jets news:

Winnipeg Sun: Hellebuyck looking to reel in playoff spot as latest bobblehead drops. Given that both Dallas and Nashville won last night the situation has become very, very bleak with the playoff line getting farther and farther away for Winnipeg. We shall see if 37’s words can be matched on the ice.

Hellebuyck looking up at scoreboard scaled

Photo Credit: Alexander James (Illegal Curve)

Winnipeg Free Press: As long on playoffs possible, Jets will lean heavily on workhorse goalie. (Paywall). It seems inevitable that the Jets will ride Hellebuyck for 10 of the last 12 games giving Comrie maybe two games in the back to back left on the schedule (Montreal & Tampa Bay).

Winnipeg Free Press:  Apathy becoming Jets’ toughest foe. (Paywall). Part of the reality is that this global pandemic isn’t over and people are still recovering from what they have been going through financially the last couple of years. But at the same time fan frustration does seem to be increasing. 

Sportsnet: How Jets scorer Kyle Connor has had one of the most productive seasons in franchise historySpoiler alert…it’s cause he is really good at hockey. Like really good. But seriously Wieber’s latest on the best season to date of the Michigan man.

Jets video:

Sportsnet: Hellebuyck hoping Jets can ‘go 12 for 12’ in order to make playoffs. Connor Hellebuyck says the team’s mindset is to run the table and win all of the remaining 12 games in order to make the playoffs, saying they at least need to win 10 to have a chance.

Sportsnet: Hellebuyck on his new-look bobblehead and how his love for fishing started. Connor Hellebuyck discusses what he likes most about his new bobblehead, how cool it is that it has a fishing rod, how his love for fishing first started, and what he likes most about being out in the water.

Moose news:

Illegal Curve: Culture of the Moose helping Jets prospects reach next level. A culture of inclusivity has led the way to both team and individual success.