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Note: The Jets had an opportunity to end the pre All-Star portion of their schedule on a high note having built upon the success they achieved to start this short, two-game road trip which began with a win in St. Louis on Saturday. Instead, despite a good start and middle frame, they stumbled in the 3rd and were defeated 3-1 in regulation. They now have to wait a week before they can play again as the team is on All-Star break.

Note II: The Moose have had a few days off and will hit the ice for a practice today as they prepare to face the Stars this weekend to close out six straight games at home. The roster is expected to be augmented given that the taxi squad was dissolved after last game so you can expect the Jets to return a number of players to their AHL club.

Jets news:

Sportsnet: Jets in big trouble if Scheifele can’t elevate his game after break. Ken isn’t wrong with his latest column. Not all the problems with the Jets lie at the feet of Mark Scheifele but he is a big part of the puzzle. It will be on him to bring whatever he can if this team wants to have a successful second half of the 2021-22 season.

Winnipeg Sun: Inconsistent Jets fall to Flyers with brutal third period. The team has squandered the cushion they built with the 9-3-3 start and can no longer afford to win one, lose one. If they don’t come back from this break with their pants on proverbial fire and string together a win streak they can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Puck at Centre Ice scaled

Photo Credit: Alexander James (Illegal Curve)

Winnipeg Sun: Jets preaching consistency message as season’s second half begins. Some irony from the two Sun articles, although I should add that this one was posted before the game and the one above obviously with a message that would suggest the team didn’t follow the plan, was after the game. I didn’t get a chance to include this in the afternoon links. Still worth a read.

Winnipeg Free Press: Jets hit new low in 3-1 loss to Flyers. Jeff was at Well Fargo and he gives you his thoughts on the loss.

Winnipeg Free Press: Relaxed rules bring relief. (Paywall). Ironically with so many players having had covid already I wonder how many would have even been subjected to testing. 

Global News: Jets enter all-star break with 3-1 loss in Philadelphia. While the two franchises obviously don’t play each other very often it was jarring to hear that Winnipeg hadn’t won in Philly since a decade ago.

Philadelphia Inquirer: On the heels of 13-game losing streak, Flyers start a winning one with 3-1 victory over Winnipeg. If you weren’t depressed about the game perhaps that headline could brighten your mood…not. Read about the contest from a writer that covers the Jets opponent. 

Sportsnet: 32 Thoughts. Number 8 talks about the true impact losing Dustin Byfuglien has had on the Jets franchise.

The Hockey News: Time is ticking for the Winnipeg Jets. And they lost a little more clock after last night’s loss.