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Note: Reminder it is going to be a busy July coming up for Illegal Curve as we conclude the 2021 season.  Our regular Illegal Curve Hockey Show will continue on Saturdays in July at 9 AM. In addition to these shows we will have three extra shows including one with a focus on the Seattle Expansion Draft on July 21st, the 1st round of the NHL Draft on July 23rd as well as a Free Agency Round Up show on July 28th.

Jets news:

DraftKings: Avalanche, Golden Knights, Lightning lead odds for 2022 Stanley Cup glory. With the Stanley Cup being handed out last night the immediate thought for those who like to bet are the odds for next year. I’m not a betting man but doesn’t appear the folks who set the lines have much faith in the local NHL squad.

Celebrating goal in playoffs

Photo Credit: Colby Spence (Illegal Curve)

NHL news:

Tampa Bay Times: Twice as nice: Lightning repeat as Stanley Cup champions. If that wasn’t the least watched Stanley Cup Final I will be shocked. The only good news with it finally being over is hopefully we will never, ever have to talk about hockey being played in July ever again.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Blues’ Tarasenko wants out of St. Louis. That’s a big new item on the Jets central division rival.

TSN: Oilers continue to discuss Keith, Leafs show interest in Hall. Get caught up on the latest with what a pair of Canadian teams are potentially looking at for next season.

Sportsnet: Jack Eichel trade destinations: Seven potential suitors for the star centre. Some of the teams the Jets face in the west are on this list.

Illegal Curve Hockey Show Podcast:

Topics: Jets expansion draft discussion (whether to protect DeMelo or Stanley). Andrew Copp contract talk. Potential trade targets for Winnipeg. Stanley Cup Final thoughts.

Guests: Ted Wyman (Winnipeg Sun) at 24:40 and Joe Smith (The Athletic Tampa) at 1:15:50.

To watch/listen click here.