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Note: We finished off our series with Jets 2018 2nd rounder David Gustafsson on Monday. In our concluding post we looked back with him at his first year pro in Winnipeg, his current season in his hometown of Tingsryd and looked ahead to the upcoming Jets season.  You can read it here.

Note II:  Also on Monday we put out our latest Jets Overseas Prospect (or player under contract to Winnipeg) Report which was updated to reflect Mikhail Berdin making his first start since November 16th and David Gustafsson missing his third straight game.  You can read that here.

Note III: A blast from the past last night as Teemu Selanne was rocking the reverse retro Jets jersey. However despite the good will the Finnish Flash garners it wasn’t enough to get folks on board with the new look.

Note IV:  From prospects who are playing to one who hasn’t played a game since March, I will be speaking to Jets 2017 3rd rounder Jonathan Kovacevic this morning.  Stay tuned for that.

Jets news:

The Athletic Winnipeg:  Jets fan survey 2.0: Faith in Patrik Laine remains, Cole Perfetti earns praise. (Paywall).  Murat asked questions and fans reacted in a significant manner.  Of course I’m not gonna lie and not say that my favourite response was to the question ‘Which Winnipeg media personality would you most want to catch that game with?’ And the answers were “Bob McKenzie and Elliotte Friedman, local radio like the guys from Illegal Curve, and… Kate Beckinsale?”

Sportsnet:  For Jets’ defence to improve, stability and internal growth will be keyKen isn’t hitting the panic button over the Jets backend.

Winnipeg Sun:  How do you sum up the 1980s for the Winnipeg Jets? Broken Ribs and PopcornWe had Geoff on the show a few weeks back and while it is often fun to take a stroll down memory lane it can also be quite painful at the same time.  

Jets audio:

TSN 1290 Winnipeg:  The Afternoon RideMurat Ates of The Athletic was on to discuss his deep dive on the Winnipeg Jets as we look ahead to the next NHL season.

Hellebuyck makes save scaled

Photo Credit: Colby Spence (Illegal Curve)

TSN 1290 Winnipeg:  The Big ShowMike McIntyre of the Winnipeg Free Press joined the fellas to discuss his most recent Jets article about questions for the local NHL squad ahead of the 2020-21 season.  Starts at 1:57:23.

NHL news:

Sportsnet: After stalemate, NHL, NHLPA agree to keep economic framework of new CBAIf you were curious about the status ahead of the 2020-21 season here is your update.