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Note: This is day 107 since the NHL hit the pause button on the 2019-20 season.

Note II:  We did another Illegal Curve Hockey Zoomcast/CurveCast last night where we were joined by Mike McIntyre of the Winnipeg Free Press.  Be sure to follow us on YouTube (hit that subscribe button) for the latest episode which will be posted today.  Update:  You can watch/listen here.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Sun: Patience in abundance for Jets’ Stanley. One thing you come away from when you talk to Stanley is that he has faith in the process. He knows the plan for his development and is following that path.

Logan Stanley

Winnipeg Free Press: No sign of Jets. (Paywall). It was something I was curious about and it came up on the IC CurveCast with Mike last night.  He confirmed that somewhat surprisingly there are still no Jets players in town.

NHL news:

TSN:  Hub city decision could come today if decision reachedTrust the NHL to step on their own message.  Why would you release this and have this become the news cycle when you are doing the Draft lotto tonight?  Doesn’t make much sense.

Sportsnet:  NHL/NHLPA talks on CBA include escrow cap, salary deferral for playersCertainly isn’t a lack of things to discuss regarding hockey these days.  Plenty to digest in this column.