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Note: This is day 93 since the NHL hit the pause button on the 2019-20 season.

Note II:  Yesterday the NHL and NHLPA announced that July 10th is the day training camps will open provided all is well.

Note III:  We shot another Illegal Curve Hockey Zoomcast/CurveCast last night.  Be sure to follow us on YouTube (hit that subscribe button) for the latest episode. We were joined by Andrew “Hustlerama” Paterson from TSN 1290 Winnipeg to talk Jets.  You can listen/watch here.

Jets news:  Key statistics for Stanley Cup Qualifier series Rob Reese of looks at three statistical categories in the Flames/Jets matchup. 

Jets vs Flames fish eye indistinct scaled

Photo Credit: Colby Spence

TSN:  A statistical look at the Flames vs. Jets play-in series I was thinking that’s bold as I read Yost’s prediction of “Winnipeg in four” until I remembered that the play-in series is a Best of Five.  Good read from Yost as he breaks down the two squads in detail.

The Athletic Winnipeg:  From No. 1 to No. 32, a ranking of Winnipeg Jets in order of playoff importance.  (Paywall).  It’s not hard to pick out the most important player on the list. But Murat doesn’t just look at one.  He lists 32 players in order of importance.  When I did this exercise last month I used 28 as the number of skaters the Jets would have at training camp.  Here is my list of 28 skaters which also includes Moose head coach Pascal Vincent who will be taking the spot of former Jets assistant coach Todd Woodcroft who left the Jets for the University of Vermont.

Jets audio:

PDO Podcast:  Jets vs Predators 2018 RewatchMurat Ates joined the show to discuss the heavyweight tilt between the number one seed Nashville Predators and number two seed Winnipeg Jets in the 2018 postseason, how the wild back-and-forth nature of Game 3 perfectly captured what made the entire series so special, and how much both teams have changed in such a short period of time since.

Moose news:

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets prospect Leon Gawanke turned heads in first pro season Scott caught up with the Jets prospect who is back home in Germany getting ready for his next season as a pro.