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Note: This is day 86 since the NHL hit the pause button on the 2019-20 season.

Note II: The NHL and NHLPA released details about the plans for the playoffs.  Read about the next domino to fall here.

Note III:  The Illegal Curve Hockey Show remains on hiatus but we recorded another Curve Cast last night which will be posted later today.

Jets news:

The Athletic Winnipeg:  Five far-too-early storylines to discuss for Jets vs. Flames.  (Paywall – 30 day free option).  Ken fast forwards a couple of months with a look at some of the things to chat about regarding this play-in series between the two former Atlanta franchises.

Winnipeg Sun: Defenceman Chisholm found inspiration in his grandfather’s passion for the sport of hurling.  Ted caught up with the recently signed prospect.

Chisholm and Heinola

Jets video:

JetsTV: Jets prospect Declan Chisholm about signing his ELC and more.  Jamie caught up with the prospect about his newly signed deal and more.