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Note: This is day seven since the NHL and AHL hit the pause button on their respective 2019-20 seasons.

Jets news:

The Athletic Winnipeg:  Recovered from heart condition, Jets’ Mark Letestu not ready for retirement.  (Paywall).  Ken had a chance to catch up with the veteran forward from Elk Point, Alberta who says he wants to keep playing hockey.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Frozen Four to frozen lakeThe Jets will happily see this Minnesota born defenceman, who loves to fish, switch to Lake Winnipeg (or Lake Manitoba) just as quickly as they can get his name signed to a contract.  Of course that still requires Samberg to declare that he is turning pro.  Once he does his adviser becomes an agent and can nail down the details for a contract between his client and the Jets.  Mike McIntyre caught up with the Jets 2017 2nd rounder who was enjoying some social isolation on Lake of the Woods.

Dylan Samberg at Dev Camp

Photo Credit: Dave Mahussier

TSN:  Some NHL players propose August-September to finish seasonPersonally I think it is a terrible move to have playoff hockey in July and August although we had mixed reaction from folks who were commenting on our Instagram page.  Where do you fall on this subject?

Illegal Curve Hockey Show Podcast

Topics: Training camp in Winnipeg. Opportunity for young defencemen/getting more offence from the backend. Roster spot battles at forward. Adaptation to playing new systems.

Guests: @WPGMurat & @martybiron43

Thanks very much for joining us on the Illegal Curve Hockey Show this morning.

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For now check out the latest Jets links.

We now head out east to talk with @martybiron43 about the Sabres and the NHL on the Illegal Curve Hockey Show.

Join us here.

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