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Note:  The Jets had a really good road trip come to an abrupt end in Dallas last night as they fought their way back from a three goal deficit to tie the game but a goal shortly after they tied it proved to be the difference and ultimately they lost 5-3 to the Stars.  The controversy surrounded the second Dallas goal which appeared off-side.  They were scheduled to practice today in Winnipeg but have cancelled it as they get ready to face the Blue Jackets in the lone game here in Winnipeg before they return to the road.  They’ll be back on the ice on Saturday.

Note II:  The Moose had the day off on Thursday and will practice today in Toronto as they get ready to face an excellent Marlies team in a pair of games this weekend.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Consistent Copp headed for career year with Jets.  (Paywall).  I was actually gonna mention Copp after the Sbisa goal but of course the Stars scored almost immediately to take the lead in that game and the focus switched to game action but that play exemplified his hard work which leads to positive results.  It was also interesting awhile back when Jets bench boss Paul Maurice indicated that it was Mark Scheifele’s idea to get Copp on the power play.  Clearly 55 sees something in number 9.

Winnipeg Sun:  At long last, Alabama Jets fan fulfills dream to see team up closeI really enjoy these types of articles on Thrashers fans bringing that passion to a new team.

TSN:  The Core 4…Plus FourNot sure how Ehlers isn’t an A, seems like a low grade on Roslovic, hard to judge Gustaffson with what he’s been given at the NHL level so far and not sure how many people outside of Minnesota-Duluth are watching Samberg but those who do seem pretty positive.  I’m also not sure how you leave 21 year old second year goalie Mikhail Berdin off the listAdditionally I think it is too early to judge what Vesalainen will be at the NHL levelBut other than that I totally agree with the assessment by Frank.

The Athletic Winnipeg:  The Jets’ massage therapist is staying upbeat as he battles cancer for the second time.  (Paywall).  Always tough to read these types of stories but good on Ken for writing it and Al for sharing it.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets get Stars-struck in DallasEveryone is talking about that Stars second goal which sure appeared to be offside.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets had plenty of guts, not enough goals in 5-3 loss to Stars.  (Paywall).  It looked like a couple of Hellebuyck saves with the Jets down by a score of 3-1 to prevent it from becoming 4-1 could look massive.  Especially when the Jets scored twice to tie the game.  But a breakdown shortly after the game tying goal ended that.  Benn, Stars recover, defeat Jets for fifth straight winAnother recap of the game.

Jets video:

TSN:  Jets battle through adversity but fall short against surging Stars.  Another night in the NHL, another controversial goal. TSN Director of Scouting Craig Button joins SportsCentre to discuss the Stars’ second goal against Winnipeg, where Jason Dickinson appeared to be offside, and the Winnipeg’s response after falling behind.