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National Post:  Jets take aim at scalping with ticket resale siteMany teams (if not all) around the league have these types of safeguards in place to ensure tickets can be bought/sold without massive markups.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Coach Noel like his chances Really nice interview by Lawless and probably the most important quote for Jets fans who have been debating about whether the Jets could make the playoffs was this one:

“We have a chance to make the playoffs. We do have a hockey team. We have elements. Are we a couple of guys away from a forward standpoint? These things will work themselves out. But we will be challenged. When I say challenged, I think it’s a good challenge. But the one thing I like about our group is we have youth, and with youth you have growth and upside. I think we have a real good chance to have improvement. What level of improvement? Are we gonna be the most improved team in the NHL and go from 80 points to 95 and make the playoffs? We’re gonna need all we can get, but I think we have that chance.”

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets logo under fireGuess we shouldn’t expect the Weakerthan’s to be performing during intermission at a Jets game anytime soon For the last time I’m gonna ask this question; Does this logo offend you in any way?
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More Jets news including caution for those buying online as well as news from ‘Around the NHL’  K.C. still being mentioned as possible NHL city, Preds rely on young guns and the Oilers 30 for 30 after the jump.

Chris D:  Online Jets tickets, gear shrouded with word of cautionWhen buying anything online, always remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Fox News:  Jets season ticket holder able to see ducats they can’t use on secure websiteThis should prove to be a very popular (secure) forum for people to dispose of tickets.

Around the NHL:

Totonto Sun:  K.C. covets an NHL team You’re hearing K.C.’s name dropped more and more in terms of a location for a relocated NHL team.
Sprint Center 2

The Tennessean:  Preds look at rookies for defenseOne of those Central division teams I will be eager to watch next season.  Oilers have playoffs on the radarContinuing with the 30 in 30, the young gun Oilers are eager to take the next step.  I am quite excited to watch the Oilers and Jets, both very young teams, mature and battle over the next few years, hopefully renewing that amazing Smythe division rivalry (with better results this time for the Jets 2.0 of course).