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Want to talk Jets? Here are some Winnipeg Jets forums to consider.

There are many outlets for Jets news on the internet.  Traditional media sites like the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun both have dedicated Jets pages for you to get your fix.  In addition, you have sites like Illegal Curve which bring a mix of news and original content.

But sometimes reading and occasionally commenting on a site isn’t enough for a reader.  You want to be an active participant in framing topics that pertain to your Winnipeg Jets.  This is where something like a discussion forum comes into play.

As I mentioned in the Morning Papers a few days ago, the Return of the Jets forum started by Darren Ford was closed on Monday, August 8th, 2011 after a steady 8 year diet of discussions regarding a possible return to Winnipeg of NHL hockey.  However just because that site shut it’s doors doesn’t mean that all Jets discussion has died on the internet.

After the jump we give you a quick intro to some of the Winnipeg Jets online forums that you can join to further discuss your Jets:

1.  HF BoardsThis is the premier (and largest) hockey forum on the internet.  I believe they have somewhere in the range of 90,000 members and produce a ton of daily content.  Within this forum you have individual team boards and the Winnipeg Jets section is quite excellent.  The mods are really knowledgeable and helpful.  Nice mix of old Atlanta fans with new/old Jets fans.

2.  Jets StreamThe Winnipeg Free Press has brought Darren Ford on board to mod the newspapers own Jets forumThe board is being developed by John White, Deputy Editor, Online at the Winnipeg Free Press and Winnipeg Jets live-blogger.

3.  Jets Hockey ForumMany of the Return of the Jets faithful have migrated over here as their new home for Jets talk.

4.  Jets BelieversSimilar to the Jets Hockey Forum (in that it also uses the same forum software as well as has many ROTJ’s members)Requires mod confirmation before you are able to post.

5.  The ArenaSimilar to HF but on a smaller scale, they have converted the old Thrashers page, into a Jets one.

6.  Our JetsEasy to post format from this relatively new forum.

7.  All JetsAnother newer forum, started by one of our insightful readers, Luke Miguez.

8.  Winnipeg Jets ForumsAn easy to use fan forum, which appears to be close to hitting it’s first 100 members.  Thanks to IC reader Jordan for posting in the comments.

Many of these forums (with exception of HF & the Arena) are in their infancy stages, so it is a good opportunity for fans to sign up early and join in on the discussion.  Even the established forums welcome new members to the fold.

As always, if a forum isn’t your thing, remember that we always welcome comments on any of our posts, so readers can always add their 2 cents.

If I’ve missed a particularly good Winnipeg Jets forum feel free to add it to the comments and I will update the above list.