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Winnipeg Free Press:  Better late than never, Mr. Chipman.  I’m not really a purist when it comes to the history debate.  Personally I like the connection to the Jets 1.0 despite the fact that it isn’t exactly linear.  Paul writes about the Jets finally connecting to their roots.

Tap & Jets fans at XCel

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets get it right with Hall of Fame to honour history back to 1972.  While the ‘Hot Line’ was ahead of my time it was a line that has been talked about in Winnipeg for years and years after they were no longer skating up the ice together.

Sportsnet:  Jets’ Patrik Laine: ‘I’m afraid of pucks’.  Long Q & A with the Jets top pick from the most recent draft.  Get to know him better.


TSN 1290 Winnipeg:  Donvito Roundtable.  Gary Lawless joins Rick Ralph and discusses the Winnipeg Jets Hall of Fame and Jacob Trouba’s contract negotiations with the Jets.