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Winnipeg Jets Jacob Trouba end of season interview

Trouba with his end of season interview.

April 13, 2014 Jacob Trouba end of season interview

Jacob Trouba – How is his neck?  His first year as a pro, the ups and downs.  What is the biggest thing coach Maurice has brought?  What are strengths of this team going into offseason?  Has he heard anything about World Championships?  Any lingering concerns about his neck?  Anything change now that he is not a rookie?  Focus doesn’t change.  What is the biggest lesson he has learned this year?  Any plans to change or adjust his training?  Is he going to train with Gary Roberts?  Is there a realization that the intensity/energy they thought was sufficient was not?  Expect to be a leader?


“Probably, I think, just realizing that this isn’t minor hockey or college or anything anymore.  This is real i guess.  I think the whole thing with Claude, I think that kinda opened my eyes a little bit…”