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Winnipeg Jets Evander Kane end of season interview

Kane with his end of season interview.

April 13, 2014 Evander Kane end of season interview

Evander KaneWhat are his plans?  How would he describe his season overall?  What is biggest thing coach Maurice has brought to the team?  Can he put his finger on one thing as to why the team didn’t make the playoffs?  Frustrating with all the injuries and lack of consistency in lineup?   Are there one or two things the team can control to help improve the team?  Is there one aspect of his game he will be working on this summer to take game to next level?  Injury wise how is he?  Does he see surgery as a possibility?  Is his hand 100%? When does he typically start his training regiment?  Spotlight in the Canadian market?


On his hand being 100% – “I don’t think if my hand will ever be at 100%, but it’s good enough where I am able to play and it doesn’t bother me and I can do what I need to do, so that’s a positive”.