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Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff on The Bob McCown Podcast

Hear from the Jets GM as he speaks to the two hockey insiders.

Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff joined Bob McCown and John Shannon to talk about his team in Winnipeg. The chat starts at the 5:43 mark and runs until 43:44. Topics included:

1) Hockey season getting underway
2) Having fans back in the stands (6:30)
3) Using veterans in preseason (7:28)
4) Weighing preseason game vs practice (8:52)
5) How many battles are on his roster? (9:53)
6) Does he watch prospects more closely in a preseason game (11:40)
7) Does he expect Cole Perfetti to play some games for the Jets this season? (12:50)
8) Being only Cdn team in Central, does that present a problem? (13:51)
9) Might road routines/philosophy change? (15:36)
10) How he would have dealt with an unvaccinated player (16:58)
11) Reflections on playoffs (18:17)
12) Were the Jets overconfident when facing Habs? (19:24)
13) Kicking notion of Winnipeg’s desirability (22:14)
14 The crackdown on cross-checking (25:19)
15) The physical nature of hockey (27:37)
16) Are there any other changes he’d like to see? (28:48)
17) Enjoying All-Canadian more than Central from travel perspective (30:01)
18) What he enjoyed from last season (32:57)
19) Jets rivalries (35:00)
20) Adjusting to travel (37:11)
21) Expectations for Pierre-Luc Dubois (37:36)
22) Factors in acquiring Nate Schmidt and Brenden Dillon (39:05)
23) Letting Sami Niku go (41:49)