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Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff end of 2022 season interview

Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff met with the media for his interview to conclude the 2021-22 season.

Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff has had quite the year since the ‘Summer of Chevy’ where he appeared to have fixed the problems facing this club by acquiring depth on defence ,which we now know didn’t solve the team’s problems. Add to that the Kyle Beach situation which he was ultimately not disciplined for, having former Jets head coach Paul Maurice resign midseason and then an end of season player media availability which has created plenty of speculation.

About the only thing not being speculated is that he has signed himself a three-year contract extension and there was a report this morning that he is planning on a complete overhaul of the coaching staff.

He reflected on the 2021-22 season today in his final media availability to conclude the season.


1) His contract extension
2) State of the room.
3) State of the coaching staff?
4) Any timeline for the coaching search?
5) The comments from Mark Scheifele yesterday.
6) Has he talked to Scheifele yet?
7) Had he considered a template for the next head coach?
8) Has Mark Scheifele asked for a trade?
9) Sentiment of frustration expressed by Paul Stastny and other.
10) Is there more than just disappointment with the group?
11) Does there need to be reassessment of the Jets leadership group?
12) Where do the discussions sit with Pierre-Luc Dubois?
13) The timeline with PLD.
14)  Does he expect a cap team next year?
15) The surplus of the D.
16) Is there extra pressure from higher up to get this back on track?
17) How does he view how he has this opportunity?
18) The challenges as a manager when players who have great individual success but not team success.
19) Are there any players who are “not tradeable” to him?
20) Clarity on Paul Maurice.
21) The impact his leaving had on the team.
22) Have any of the coaches been retained?
23) What does he want his team to look like on the ice?
24) The culture of the Winnipeg Jets.
25) After 11 years shouldn’t the culture of the team be set?
26) Going back to the comments made by players.
27) What progress has he made since the Kyle Beach inquiry?