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Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff conference call on Tlusty trade

The Jets GM spoke to media via conference call about today’s trade with Carolina.

On his coach having a history with Tlusty.  On the price he paid today.  Has he emptied his wallet today or is he still on the market for more?  Is the acquisition something that can be seen as beyond this season?  Does he feel this move will allow them to play Byfuglien on defence?  Does he think Jiri will be an option against the Blues?  On getting Burmistrov’s potentially back into the fold.  On perceived lack of rental players available this year, did that increase cost?  On Wheeler being on the IR.  When does he say goodbye to the family and hunker down with his scouts?  How has the chemistry come so easily for his group?  Guys he already knows in the room.  Did he feel the need to send a message to the dressing room?

GM Quotes:

On the type of player Tlusty is: “I think Jiri had ability to play with skilled players. Has ability to play on the PP. There is also a checking side to his game.”

More on Tlusty: “He can play left or right side. He is familiar with couple of players on our team. There is some familiarity which makes it easier”.

On the price they paid: “Always a steep price when you’re talking about draft picks. That is your future”

More on the price: “The 3rd round pick is a high price to pay. It is something that we don’t take lightly. But we are trying to push for the playoffs”

On whether he is done making any more deals: “I’d rather under promise and over deliver. We will be active on the phones.”

On signing him for next year: “Everything is open. But first we have to get him into Wpg. (weather situation in Car).”

On whether Tlusty can play tomorow: “We sure hope so.”

On Burmistrov: “Just like any RFA the opportunity is there to be signed into the NHL” (this is all for next year).

He informed his wife: “I will see you in a couple of weeks” saying he has already hunkered down as they get ready for trade deadline day.

“Pav, Fro and Tlusty have known each other since they were kids. They grew up together.”

On the message to the room: “The room has been sending me the message. I saw the spark. We are all in. We are going to keep working”