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Winnipeg Jets

GM Kevin Cheveldayoff & Head coach Paul Maurice end of season interviews

Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff met with the media for his interview to conclude the 2017-18 season.

To conclude this portion of the 2017-18 season Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff and Head Coach Paul Maurice spoke inside the Matt Frost Media Centre.

Cheveldayoff and Maurice


GM Kevin Cheveldayoff & Coach Paul Maurice:


1. Reflections on the season from the start until now on the team learning how to win.  (Kevin Cheveldayoff).
2. What stands out for him from the past season? (Paul Maurice)
3. On players who want to be a part of the Jets long term.  (Kevin Cheveldayoff).
4. On the moves he made in game 5 and how hard was the conversation with Tobias Enstrom?  (Paul Maurice).
5. On trying to make Paul Stastny a member of the Jets in the future.  (Kevin Cheveldayoff).
6. On the Jets trying to get back to this form next season.  (Paul Maurice).
7. How much of a priority is it to get Wheeler, Laine and Connor signed to extensions?  (Kevin Cheveldayoff).
8. Injuries players dealt with.  (Paul Maurice).
9. Would he consider a buyout of Steve Mason?
10. Would they characterize the message they shared with the players (Kevin Cheveldayoff & Paul Maurice).
11. On is homework for the summer on things the Jets can continue to work on.  (Paul Maurice).
12. Is he optimistic with the tone surrounding the negotiations with Jacob Trouba?  (Kevin Cheveldayoff).
13. On the Jets UFAs and how they factor into his summer plans (Kevin Cheveldayoff).
14. What did it feel like to witness what was going on in Winnipeg during the playoff run.  (Kevin Cheveldayoff).
15.  Thoughts on what Vegas is doing and what they are showing the rest of the NHL.  (Kevin Cheveldayoff & Paul Maurice).
16.  On what Tobias Enstrom has meant to the organization.  (Kevin Cheveldayoff).