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Winnipeg Jets end of season media availability: Bryan Little

Hear from the Jets veteran centre as the team concludes the 2019-20 season with media availability.


1. How is he feeling and where are things at?
2. What are his next steps?  Are his plans to play next season?
3. Reflecting on the incident in November?
4. Summing up the most frustrating season of his career.
5. What is the next milestone he need to hit in order to get closer to return?
6. On a daily basis is he dealing with any issues?
7. What is still healing?
8. How concerned is he that this could threaten his career?
9. Has there been any conversations on a timetable?
10. How weird will it be the first time he goes to the front of the net?
11. What did the testing look like during the year?
12. Where is he at?
13. How did it feel being back on the ice? How close was he to being back practicing in a normal uniform?
14. What has been key to being propped up mentally?
15. What has this recovery felt like?
16. What is it like to talk about your personal health situation?
17. How much has he been around the team?
18. Will he continue the RV lifestyle?
19. Has he contemplated retirement?
20. What will it take for the Jets to get back to an elite status?
21. How has his mentality changed about the game of hockey pre/post injury?
22. How difficult is it to balance life after hockey and what comes after?