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Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets defenceman Nate Schmidt on the Illegal Curve Hockey Show

Check out our chat with the always engaging Minnesotan.

Jets defenceman Nate Schmidt always brings the energy and on Saturday’s Illegal Curve Hockey Show that was no different. The Minnesotan had plenty to share as he is now back home from the World Championship in Finland where he represented the United States.

Topics included:

1. Is he in off-season mode (:45)
2. When does he get back on the ice (2:17)
3. World Championship experience (4:55)
4. Mentoring young D prospects (8:45)
5. Putting on a USA uniform for first time (10:49)
6. Growth of Shortside (13:04)
7. Proximity to his home in Minnesota (15:55)
8. Jets head coach search (17:44)
9. What was it like playing for Barry Trotz (19:25)
10. Reflecting on first year in Wpg (21:18)
11. Can disappointment drive them next year (24:06)