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Play-in series

Winnipeg Jets day 10 interviews in the Edmonton bubble with Cody Eakin and Tucker Poolman

Pair of Jets spoke following practice as they get ready for game 4.

Eakin and Poolman


1.  What was going through his mind when it hit him? (Poolman)
2. Problem with the Jets PK? (Eakin)
3. What is the mindset on a day like today? (Eakin)
4. Is there a sense that the team still has a lot of optimism? (Eakin)
5. What is the mentality required to survive an elimination game? (Eakin)
6. Did he have any doubt he would come back to the game and switching between cage/bubble faceshield? (Poolman)
7. What has he learned through the first 3 games about the Flames forwards? (Eakin)
8. What is he dealing with right now? (Poolman)
9. How is eating with the injury? (Poolman)
10. The Jets ability to be resilient given everything they’ve dealt with this season? (Poolman & Eakin)