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Training Camp

Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice scrum on Day 13 of Training Camp

The day concludes with Jets bench boss Paul Maurice.

Topics:  What makes a player good at being adaptable?  What was the biggest value for Mark Scheifele in 2015 going head to head against Ryan Kesler?  What is the biggest thing Scheifele has gained from the playoffs?  Does he some extra bounce in his step after a layoff?  Anything on Ehlers?  Anything with Harkins?  What are his thoughts on the secure zone in Edmonton?  What does Sunday look like for the Jets?  Any news about reducing roster to 31?  The lack of questions about his lineup during training camp.  Getting amp’d up for playoff hockey.  Expectation to have his best 18 players next Saturday?  Has he packed yet for Edmonton?  What stood out to him most about the bubble?  What does he expect about the interactions between teams will be like?