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Coach pre-game scrum

Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice pre-game scrum

Coach Maurice’s post practice, game day comments.

Coach Maurice pre-game

Coach Maurice –  On what they face tonight against the Senators.  Comparing the two teams.  How has the addition of Myers changed the team?  What is it he like about the pairing of Enstorm and Myers?  What is he looking for from Stempniak/Lowry/Wheeler?  Is this the most diversity he has had in the lineup since his arrival in Winnipeg?  What is his view on the standard for goalie interference?  Has he been able to do the things he wanted to do now that the schedule has eased up?  What does he mean by a ‘good stick’ for a defenceman?  On the value that Charlie Huddy brings.  What is the Jets protocol for the Jets if they had a Florida type situation?    

Audio courtesy of TSN 1290 Winnipeg.