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Play-in series

Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Maurice day 7 scrum from the bubble in Edmonton

Following a game 1 loss Jets bench boss Paul Maurice spoke as he gets his team reset for game 2.


1. Any update on his injured players?
2. If they lose Scheifele who do they put in that top centre spot?
3. Whether he has had any second thoughts about what he said last night?
4. Is Matthew Tkachuk a dirty player?
5. How does he get the team back on track?
6. Faith in the team’s ability to rally.
7. When Wheeler engages Tkachuk in a fight, what was going through his mind?
8. The physicality of the Flames last night.
9. How does he approach today’s practice?
10. Biggest challenge of back-to-back games for 2 and 3?
11.  Scheifele’s demeanor when he spoke to him.
12. Can he confirm that the injury Scheifele suffered was a cut?
13. What does he need to do better to have his team better execute in game 2?
14. How did Jansen Harkins go from the periphery to an NHL player?
15. Where they would feel the absence of Mark Scheifele and Patrik Laine if they don’t play?

Injury Note:

He didn’t have an update on Mark Scheifele or Patrik Laine.  Said they were waiting for opinions and said they should know later today.

Asked whether he wanted to amend his statement from last night on the Tkachuk hit on Scheifele:

“I would stick by every word that I said but specifically every word that I said.”