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Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets announce 2022 Rookie Camp Roster

The roster reveal today to be followed with a few days of practice before the Young Stars Classic.

Perhaps the change in mercury here in Manitoba today symbolizes the end of summer and the start of hockey season. Another indication of this is the revealing of the Jets rookie camp roster.

The players will collect in Winnipeg for the next few days before they head to Penticton, BC to play in the Young Stars Classic against the Oilers, Flames and Canucks rookies.

Lundmark Bauer and Kuzmin scaled

Today the Jets revealed the full roster:

Goalies: Arvid Holm, Oskari Salminen and Domenic Divincentiis.

Defencemen: Tyrel Bauer, Dmitry Kuzmin, Dean Stewart, Anton Johannesson, Simon Lundmark, Wyatt Wilson, Simon Kubcek and Ethan Cap.

Forwards: Chase Bertholet, Brad Lambert, Cole Perfetti, Tyler Boland, Chaz Lucius, Daniel Torgersson, Wyatt Bongiovanni, Greg Meiereles, Brandon Cutler, Thomas Caron, Henri Nikkanen, Danny Zhilkin and Isaac Johnson.

Some of these players/prospects have already played pro games for the Moose including:

Arvid Holm, Dean Stewart, Simon Lundmark, Cole Perfetti, Tyler Boland, Daniel Torgersson, Wyatt Bongiovanni, Greg Meiereles, Thomas Caron, Henri Nikkanen and Isaac Johnson.

Jets draft picks include:

G: Arvid Holm (2016 6th) and Domenic Divincentis (2022 7th)
D: Tyrel Bauer (2020 6th), Dmitry Kuzmin (2021 3rd), Anton Johannesson (2020 5th) and Simon Lundmark (2020 2nd)
F: Brad Lambert (2022 1st), Cole Perfetti (2020 1st), Chaz Lucius (2021 1st), Daniel Torgersson (2020 2nd), Henri Nikkanen (2019 4th) and Danny Zhilkin (2022 3rd)

The schedule came out in June:

Friday, September 16th: Jets vs Flames at 6 PM CT
Sunday, September 18th: Jets vs Canucks at 4 PM CT
Monday, September 19th: Jets vs Oilers at 1 PM CT.