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Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News

Winnipeg Jets Afternoon News (Thursday, Feb 9th)

Jets news: Jets need to knock off Capitals. Trade history – Jets/Thrashers. In tough against hot Ovechkin, Caps. Jets present jersey to Canadian embassy in U.S. First stop Washington in mini road trip. NHL eyes Winnipeg for Heritage Classic. Top 5 Jets goals of the Season.

Next opponent news – Washington Capitals: Knuble to be healthy scratch. Backstrom says he doesn’t know when he will be ready to play again.

Jets news:

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets need to knock off CapitalsWhile the Jets are just 5 points back of the 8th and final playoff spot, they might want to set their sights a little higher, like 3rd in the East (winning the Southeast) and tonight’s game against the Caps will be important if they are to achieve that goal.

CBC:  Trade history – Jets/Thrashers.  A rather stark trade history for this franchise which might have some cautious about wanting the Jets to make a deadline deal.  We took a  look at some of the possible trade candidates on this team.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets in tough against hot Ovechkin, Caps.  The flu bug seems to be working its way through the Jets room but hopefully captain Andrew Ladd and Big Buff are able to battle it and play tonight.  Holding back a streaking Alexander Ovechkin is never an easy thing and while he might be quiet all game against you, he can burn you quickly as he did to the Jets back in December scoring the lone goal in the game with just over a minute to go in regulation.
Ovechkin goal 

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets present jersey to Canadian embassy in U.S.  Having been the the Canadian embassy before I can attest to the fact that it is quite a spectacular building with a great view of D.C.  Nice to see that the Jets are finally represented with an official jersey completing the collection.

TSN:  Jets hit the road with first stop in Washington.  A breakdown of the lines and some insight into tonight’s game.

Jets official Site:  Jets try to gain on Southeast leading Capitals.  A breakdown of tonight’s action.

New York Times:  NHL eyes Winnipeg for Heritage Classic.  If we thought Grey Cups in November were cold, just wait till we watch the Heritage Classic in January or February.  As John Davidson (President of  hockey operations for the St. Louis Blues) would say “oh baby”.

Jets official site – Top 5 Goals of the Season:

Next opponent news – Washington Capitals:

Washington Times:  Knuble to be healthy scratch.  It isn’t easy being a veteran struggling scoring goals, something his former teammate Eric Fehr could sympathize with.

Washington Post:  Backstrom says he doesn’t know when he will be ready to play again.  Part of the fall of the Capitals can be attributed to not having the Swedish star in the lineup.