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Carolina Hurricanes

Will Niclas Wallin go home to Sweden?

From Luke Decock of the News Observer:

Is a team from the Swedish Elite League negotiating to buy Niclas Wallin’s
contract from the Hurricanes?

A reader passed along this tidbit from a Swedish newspaper that would indicate Lulea of the SEL is trying to do just that, translated here via google:

It has long been silent about the combination klassvärvningar and Lulea Hockey. Jättetalangen Kristofer Berglund (Björklöven) is the only catch in the category so far. A credible source tells PT-sport club is trying to negotiate loss Stanley Cup-winner Niclas Wallin from the Carolina Hurricanes-the contract.

Wallin was almost ready for Luleå for a couple years ago, but then
succeeded his Carolina win the Stanley Cup whereupon Haradspojken offered a
drömkontrakt. Now, Wallin played by two of those three years and Luleå is said
to work hard and quietly to buy off him. In this case, the new government’s
first major chapter.

Read the entire post from Lord Stanley’s Blog here.

Wallin is a solid NHL defenseman, and the Hurricanes would certainly be better off with him on the team’s roster or with the assets they’d receive in a trade. I just can’t see the team allowing him to go back to Sweden with two years remaining on his deal.