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What Patrik Laine’s cold streak could mean for Winnipeg at trade deadline

When is not scoring an advantage for a team?

Patrik Laine in 3rd uni

Photo Credit: Colby Spence

The cold streak that Patrik Laine is currently on has been well documented but just by way of quick refresher it has gone as follows:

October: 3 goals (12 games)
November: 18 goals (12 games)
December: 3 goals (15 games)
January: 1 goal (12 games)
February: 0 goals (8 games).

Today Cap Friendly, which is our go to resource for all things cap related, put out this series of tweets about how his recent cold streak could impact his bonus for goals and could therefore be an advantage for the Jets as the trade deadline approaches:

Someone asked the Cap Friendly folks about the ramifications of Laine getting hot and hitting those bonuses by the end of the season.

Of course if he should have another month like November it could put the Jets into a rather sticky situation.  As of today’s date Patrik Laine is just seven goals back of being in the top 10.  So while the above makes for an interesting thought I don’t see the Jets taking on this type of risk.  Regardless of what happens it will be an exciting run up to the trade deadline next Monday.

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