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Wednesday, June 29 Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

Toronto Sun:  Good deal for Jets fans.  While the prospect of seeing every team at least once is a good one, will hockey fans in Winnipeg be happy losing out on traditional rivalries with teams like Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.
Oilers and Jets

Winnipeg Free Press:  It’s time to cool the free-agency Jets Lawless is absolutely correct.  This team, as was evidenced by the draft is slow building towards contention.  Don’t expect 1st place next season.

Winnipeg Free Press:  North Portage gets makeover.  Demolish it all and start over.  I’m not a fan of preserving old facades.

Portage Online:  Kasdorf reflects on draft experienceLet’s hope the product of the MJHL continues to raise his level of play, so one day he might be hearing his name “Kasdorf the save!”.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Bogosian gets key paperworkLooks like the Jets got qualifying offers to the key pieces of this team’s long term future.

Toronto Sun:  Scalpers good for hockeyThose prices actually blow my mind.  And make me think if anyone wants a P3 seat to Game 1…….kidding.  Or am I?  Of course, if you need to brush up on the laws regarding scalping, IC’s own Jack Tadman wrote an informative piece entitled Speculating on ticket re-selling.
I have Tickets

Metro Halifax:  Winnipeg Jets eye North Sydney’s KirkpatrickOne of the first AHL roster signings being a product of Atlantic Canada.  Good move.

More Jets news and NHL news including Coyotes trouble, Jagr decision day and more after the jump.

Winnipeg Sun:  Only a piece of downtown puzzleI absolutely agree that the City needs to spend its capital ensuring that there are a ton of police present, so citizens can feel safe when walking around downtown.  If putting a cop on every corner worked in New York, it can certainly work here.

Globe and Mail:  Rising NHL cap forcing small clubs to splurgeThe problem with teams from large markets is they take for granted the fact that they will always be the big boys on the street.

NHL News:

Arizona Republic:  Bad news resumes in Phoenix Coyotes sagaInteresting to hear Deputy Commissioner Daly say that any new deal won’t include a municipal bond offering.

The Detroit News:  Penguins offer Jagr 1 year deal, its them or the WingsIf I’m Jaromir Jagr I’m heading on down to Sidney Crosby’s house to see how he’s feeling before I tie myself to Pittsburgh.  Detroit is the safer bet for next season.

Northwest Herald:  Blackhawks are eager to shopStan Bowman won’t be spending his time on the Miracle Mile this week, but might we expect the Hawks to be in the mix for some of the more highly sought after free agents, stay tuned for Free Agent Friday Frenzy.

TSN:  Canucks trade Erhoff’s negotiating rights to IslandersIs this the end of the Canucks relationship with the German defenceman?  Guess we will see if the Islanders can get him signed.

Picture of the Day – Comes to us via Gary Finkler, a graphic designer and a big sports fan who has a blog called: 7th inning sketch.
7th inning sketch