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Tuesday, July 5 Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

The AHL:  Alignment, playoffs set for 2011/12 season If only the NHL could make decisions that quickly.  I’m happy that we will get a year to experience the Eastern Conference before being moved back to the West.

The Telegram:  McCambridge to be head coach for St. John’sThe assistant coach in Manitoba for the past two seasons is reportedly going to be named the head guy of the AHL squad as the team relocates to the East coast.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets fans already free agent critics.  Based on some of the ridiculous contracts that GM’s around the league handed to some free agents, the Jets should be praised for showing restraint.
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Winnipeg Sun:  Jets will give it good push I don’t think anyone is planning a Stanley Cup parade down Portage just yet but this team should be fun to watch next season.

TSN:  Ladd, MacArthur without deals as salary arbitration approaches The Jets need to get him signed but are obviously not going to break the bank to get it done.

NBC Sports:  New name, new location, same game plan? Winnipeg Jets staying quiet in free agency.   No question this team needs goal scoring, but as I said above, the Jets brain trust did a good thing not reaching on some of the free agents from this year’s class.

Around the NHL:

Ottawa Citizen:  Not Heatley’s call this time.  I thought that Heatley’s move to San Jose was about “proving people wrong” about him, but apparently he is giving that another kick at the can in Minnesota.

Edmonton Journal:  Tambellini cut out problems in Oilers roster with surgical precision.  Should be interesting to see how this team develops over the next few years.

Detroit Free Press:  Red Wings’ options limited for backup goalie.  Seems disrespectful that Chris Osgood is looked at as the last option. Then again he is 38 years old.

News and Observer:  Cole won’t forget Canes.  He played his best hockey while wearing a Canes’ jersey, although Montreal fans are hoping that isn’t the case.