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The HD Corner – The Hotstove Returns!

To quote Jesse Katsopolis’ band ‘Jesse and the Rippers’ covering Thin Lizzy: “The boys are back in town….The boys are back in towwwwwwwn!” That’s right, the HNIC Hotstove this week featured the old crew with host Ron MacLean and columnists Al Strachan, Eric Duhatschek, and Scott Morrison (they are together in Toronto for the Hockey Hall of Fame festivities this weekend). Props to Illegal Curve’s own Richard Pollock for recently obtaining two of these three well known columnists for extensive interviews. Personally, I’m glad to especially see Strachan back in the fold. Since he no longer writes for the Sun (and subsequently I’m in dire need of some Gary Bettman bashing. Apparently the old format of actually having a hotstove with multiple out of town guests was aborted due to logistical problems and the inability to squeeze in Pierre LeBrun’s oversized head into a quadrant of the screen. Luckily both of these previous issues won’t be problems tonight.

The following is a live blog of the Hotstove for our readers who missed the segment, and unlike me, likely have lives and go out on Saturday nights:

45 seconds in: Al proclaims that the next GM of the Leafs is going to be Glen Healey. Nothing like firing an inexperienced GM and replacing him with a former backup goaltender with no GM experience whatsoever. What kind of franchise would be so dumb to make that kind of move? Oh…hello Garth Snow.

4 minutes in: Al is really stealing the show and showcasing himself. I guess his bi-monthly column on isn’t getting enough hits as he hoped. His next rumour is regarding the Sens goaltending situation, and that the Sens are shopping Emery and don’t want to trade Gerber. According to Scott, the rumour of Emery to the Kings isn’t true.

6 minutes in: Al takes his first shot at Bettman. Yes! This time it’s pertaining to the fact that the NHL scheduled five games the night of the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. Al is just ruthless (no wonder he now works in his underwear out of his parents’ basement).

6 minutes, 30 seconds in: The usual Canucks acquiring a washed-up defenceman rumour surfaces. Last year they acquired Keith Carney, this year it’s a rumour about Richard Matvichuk. Harold Snepsts, are you available?

7 minutes in: Eric has a juicy rumour of the ’09 All-Star Game in Montreal being played outdoors! This could be cool. As long as it’s held within walking distance of Schwartz’s, I’m in!

8 minutes in: Scott ends the show with a Forsberg update, basically saying how Forsberg is still in conversation with his doctor to determine if there is a way to fix his wonky ankle. Doesn’t seem too promising for Foppa. Too bad for all of the 30 teams that have expressed possible interest in him. Let the Jason Allison sweepstakes begin!

And that concludes another great edition of the “real” Hotstove. And with no commercial break this time (Moores. Well Made. Well Priced. Well Dressed.)

I’ll leave you with some other notable observations and info that I stumbled upon tonight:

I hope everyone caught Bob Cole referencing Shanahan’s failed shootout goal in the ’98 Nagano Olympics, during the Leafs-Rangers shootout. Let it go Bob. Next you’re going to tell me your take on Rob Zamuner being included on the team.

True or false: Ken Hitchcock selected Adam Foote to be the third shooter for the Blue Jackets in their shootout loss to the Preds. Just as an FYI, the following players were available to shoot: Rick Nash, David Vyborny, Nikolai Zherdev, Sergei Fedorov, Danny Gare, and Espen Knutsen. Have another burger there Hitch!

According to the Kings play-by-play guru Bob Miller, the Kings Tuesday broadcast against the Ducks will not feature any play-by-play or colour commentary. The broadcast will use a special low camera angle, and will be shot in HD, of course. No word yet where Bob Miller will be during the broadcast. Is there a Jewish holiday I’m not aware of? Brisket dinner at the Miller’s perhaps?

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