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Teams in Trouble: Coach’s Corner Don Cherry thinks Winnipeg Thrashers sounds good, Thrashers decline to comment on “speculation” of move to Peg’, Glendale on hook for 25 million

Phoenix Coyotes News:

Arizona Republic:  Goldwater Institute sends out a mailer to an unlikely non-supporter, Mayor ScruggsShe couldn’t have been too happy to have received that in her mailbox this morningCurious timing of this mailer by Goldwater.  Perhaps they view it as final dagger in COG plans to keep team.

Sportsnet:  Ongoing ownership drama.  No question that TNSE has gone about things in the proper manner.

Phoenix Business Journal:  NHL tab could pump 25 million into Coyotes saleWonder what the Audit Summit will be like when the COG and NHL go over books to ensure that losses were actually 36.6 million for 8 months.

Globe & Mail:  Glendale on hook for $25 million. Discussing the possible ramifications of the bill the NHL sent Glendale and how it may affect the Hulsizer dealLooking at TSN’s David Naylor’s tweet below, you have to wonder what can change to make hockey work in the desert.

Atlanta Thrashers News:

Examiner:  Thrashers decline to comment on “speculation” of move to WinnipegThe writer gets Winnipeg’s population wrong, and uses the tired “frozen prairie” linebut he does provide the only local take so far on the Thrashers situation.

CBC (Video – starts at 4:26):  Coach’s CornerDon Cherry talks Telus Cup, which was won by the Winnipeg Thrashers, and mentions if not Phoenix, then Atlanta.


CBS Sports Eye on Hockey:  Mystery man looking to buy ThrashersI was always a Days of our Lives fan, so I would have gone with Stefano Dimera as the mystery name.  Kinda sick of hearing about this Balkan character.

The Hockey News:  Q & A with Adam Proteau asking if players would go to Quebec City over WinnipegAs Adam says and as Charlie Sheen would say, the key is one thing; winning, duh.

Flash Back Quote:

Toronto Star (abstract – May 3rd, 1995):  Winnipeg group not serious, Bettman says `This is not an NHL decision . . . up to the people’.

“This is not an NHL decision, this is really up to the people in Winnipeg and the prospective owners . . . to see if there’s something to be done to keep the team there,” Gary Bettman

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