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Atlanta Thrashers

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  • Are the NY Islanders already looking for Free AgentsWould you sign in Long Island right now?
  • Update around the Sens world. 
  • Flyers fans are upset with the B’s play by play announcer, Jack EdwardsHis laugh is rather maniacal.
  • Preds a lock to achieve key attendance goal.  Impressive that with all the talk of a move, the fans continue to show up.
  • Alex Burrows hair pull that’s being heard around the world.  I’ve used this move on my sister.  Works everytime.
  • Top Av’s of all time: #6 (on the list) Rob BlakeI usually think of him as a King first.
  • Defending Forest Gump and Sidney CrosbyIn a strange sort of way her argument makes sense.
  • A message to Dallas Stars fans. 
  • Alexander Semin: “The Playoffs can’t start soon enough”.  It seems like the Capitals are just waiting around for the playoffs to start.
  • The Swedish machine that never breaks, Nicklas BackstromGuys a beast.
  • Panthers fans are irate with Steve Ott.  Bet lots of NHL teams feel the same.
  • The future of the Thrashers is discussed.