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Stan Neckar has some suggestions for the NHL

From Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports:

1. I would like to see more hitting, that’s for sure. The NHL was always kind of rough. Now what I see is the forward always turning his back on you. If you hit him, you end up in the penalty box. Even the fans would like to see more rough hitting and fighting. The new NHL rules took some of the ‘rough’ hockey image away. Hockey is gritty and the fans love it.

2. From a player perspective, I would like to see bigger nets. Goalies are bigger, equipment is bigger; leave the pads the size they are now, but open up the net and the scoring opportunities.

Read the more of Neckar’s suggestions from Puck Daddy here.

This is a great series by Wyshynski.  Although I have to say Neckar’s bigger nets idea is something that I don’t think the NHL will really ever consider.