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I just came across this blog and they have a good interview with ‘Canes prospect Drayson Bowman. Check it out here.  (Disclaimer: This interview didn’t actually take place. It is a mock interview.)

DS: What do you do to mentally prepare yourself for games? Is the preparation different for different opponents?

DB: I make sure I get plenty of rest, good meals. Preparation is definitely different. For example, if I know were going to be facing our toughest opponent and biggest rival, Tri-Cities, I just have to keep my head straight, not let myself get intimidated. I try to think of ways that have been effective against them in the past. When facing less-threatening opponents, like Portland, it’s easier because there’s less pressure. Although that can be tricky because you don’t want to relax too much and let them pull together a win just because you were sitting back, thinking it would be easy.

DS: What about games against your brother? (Collin Bowman, two years younger, plays for the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL)?

DB: yah, I stay aware of the games when they’re coming up on the schedule. Plus our parents usually come into town when we play against each other. He plays defense and knows how I play as a forward so it’s a little challenging. But I can still skate circles around him **laughing**

DS: How have you improved as player from a year ago?

DB: Confidence. Going to ‘Canes camp definitely helped, getting to work along with some of those guys, learning what I needed to do to be an effective player at the NHL level with fitness and stuff.

DS: What is your favorite practice drill (and why)? Least favorite (and why)?

DB: At the end of practice, the last drill we do is shootout. It’s fun because you get to have some fun, see what kinds of fancy tricks you can do. My least favorite is any time we have a bag skate.