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Boston Bruins

Some Evening News

  • James Mirtle with some interesting stats as we near the quarter point of the season.  The Sharks are substantially better than last year, so is this the year they take the next step?
  • Kevin Allen dishes out some credit for the Bruins’ hot start.  What is most apparent to me is the willingness of players on that team to accept their roles and play hard in whatever situation they are employed.
  • Eric Duhatschek tells us that Erik Johnson had season-ending knee surgery today.  Why the wait?
  • The Habs are worried about the slumping Canadian dollar.  The dollar at par is ideal for Canadian clubs and the players as well.
  • Mark Spector feels like Bryan Murray is the first person to deserve some blame for the struggling franchise.  The Senators played better on Tuesday against NYR, so let’s see if they can turn it around in the next two weeks.  Otherwise, changes may be on the horizon.