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Vancouver Canucks

Should the Canucks give Sundin a deadline?

From Brad Zeimer of the Vancouver Sun:

All this puts Canuck GM Mike Gillis in a tough spot. How long does he give Sundin to make up his mind? At some point Gillis may have to turn to Plan B, which would likely involve trading away one of his defencemen — maybe Kevin Bieksa — for some offence from a team that is up against the salary cap. If he hasn’t already, Gillis needs to tell Sundin and his agent J.P. Barry that the Canucks’ very generous offer of $20 million over two years has a deadline. Give him until the end of the month. If Sundin still hasn’t decided by then, the Canucks need to turn the page and move on.

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If the Canucks give Sundin a deadline, I’m not so sure how well that would go over. He has already stated his intention to decide which team he wants to play for within the next two weeks. Imposing a team deadline on Sundin would probably eliminate any chance the team has of bringing Sundin to British Columbia.