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Vancouver Canucks

Canucks jack ticket prices

From Brad Ziemer of the Vancouver Sun:

The Canucks, who have 4,000 people representing 8,000 seats on their season-ticket wait list, are increasing season-ticket rates by an average of about 7.5 per cent this season. “Our costs are rising,” de Bonis said.

“We are forecasting player salaries to go up 15 per cent from where they were last year. Our price increase is about half the increase in the player salaries, so it’s about seven and a half percent. We went out the year before with a 12-per-cent increase. We are trying to be sensitive to not having these prices go up and up and up while recognizing we want the resources to put the best team we can on the ice.”

Read the entire article here.

Who the hell can afford to attend NHL games anymore? Seriously. There are 41 home games per season and the Canucks justify 7.5%-10% hikes in ticket costs? Whatever happened to the lockout is going to benefit the fan and keep ticket prices reasonable? I’d love to know.