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Sean Leahy’s Thoughts on Improving the NHL

Sean Leahy of the Going Five Hole blog offers up 5 things, suggested by other bloggers, that won’t be done to improve the NHL, including the dreaded C-word (not what you would call your ex-wife, but what you do to failing Southern market teams)

Throughout the month of August over at Puck Daddy, we’ve been having mainstream media personalities, current and former NHL players, and various hockey bloggers laying out their “5 Ways” they’d change the NHL. It’s been a wildly successful idea from the always thinking brain of my partner Greg Wyshynski. The posts have encouraged discussion, brought interesting ideas to light, and even started a blood feud between a MSM writer and a team owner.

Reading all of these posts has been fun, and obviously, some ideas are out there and really meant as tongue in cheek. There are some though, that people seem to keep harping on consistently, but aren’t realizing that they will never come to fruition.

Like Sean says, these ideas are a little tongue in cheek. However, some of them also have a solid foundation. Be sure to check Puck Daddy for what other bloggers think.