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Empty Netters’ 5 Ideas to Change the NHL

Following up on the previous post, take a look at what Empty Netters would do to change the NHL.

If you have been keeping up-to-date with hockey blogs this summer, you probably know about the Uber-Bloggers at Puck Daddy have had this column on “5 Ways I’d Change the NHL”. This column has grown to epic proportions and has had some really cool ideas brought forth (Bigger rinks, smaller rosters, cheaper beer….).

In order to get The Empty Netters crew on this, I had to go round them all up as we have a tendency to all go AWOL during the summer months. It was kinda like the beginning of that Armageddon movie where Bruce Willis had to get his drilling crew together before the asteroid as big as Barry Melrose’s ego struck the Montreal Forum (That was the plot, wasn’t it??) . I eventually found Skippy in a hammock surrounded by Bud Light bottles, I found Coitus trapped in his garage, trying to build a spice rack for his wife and I found Otto in one of Wisconsin’s great summer traditions, the beer tent.

Back in business on Tuesday as the Jets welcome former bench boss Paul Maurice and the Panthers to town.

The Moose have another day of practice.

Get all caught up before we start all over again via

Winnipeg Jets Ground Control Podcast: Including a chat with Dylan DeMelo

Good Jets chat that @snseanreynolds had on Jets @ Noon with @JimTothSports & @CamAtNoon

Touched on:

- Mikey Eyssimont
- Jets/Ducks game
- sleepy starts to games
- getting all 4 lines to play same
- 3rd/4th line contributions
- return of Paul Maurice

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