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Saturday, July 2 Winnipeg Jets Morning Papers

National Post:  Jets proceed cautiously in free agent market.  Aside from Richards, no reason to go crazy with this class of free agents.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets play it smart and do nothing.  Most important business is getting the RFA’s signed.

Durham Region:  Serville set to fly with Winnipeg Jets.  More info on our 3rd round draft pick.

CBC:  Jets ink Tanner Glass.  Does this qualify as a free agent splash?

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Cape Breton Post:  From Saint John to St. John’s.  Sounds like a good prospect to have in the farm system.

Around the NHL:

TSN:  Richards chooses Rangers for 9 years, $58.5 million.  Dollar, dollar bill yall.  So much for being hungry for the Cup.

USA Today: Panthers improved the most on opening day of free agency.  When you have 30 million dollars to spend to get to the floor of the salary cap, you can overspend and get a lot of players.

More from around the NHL after the jump.  Red Wings don’t get into bidding wars for free agents.   If there is one model to follow, it’s the Red Wing way.

CBC:  Canucks in good spot, so is Richards.  If Sturm can regain his form, he should be a welcome addition to the Canucks roster.

Sportsnet:  Brad Richards 1 on 1. He will be cashing in this weekend.