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Winnipeg Jets

Saturday Headlines: Jets Troubles (Goaltending & Coach Maurice)

During the Saturday Headlines the panel discussed the Jets.

During the intermission between the Jets and Kings last night the panel discussed the Jets troubles, touching on two of the most hotly discussed topics among fans these days; goalies and coach Maurice.

Saturday Headlines

The first topic up for discussion was the status of the Jets goaltending:

Nick Kypreos had this to say “Certainly a major commitment to Hellebuyck and Hutchinson when they sent Pavelec down to the minors.  The issue here moving forward is it hasn’t exactly worked out.  Not to the point where they are going to make significant changes.  They are certainly committed to Hellebuyck long term.  The question is what do you do for the perspective of the rest of the regular season. You’re still in a playoff hunt, can you get more consistent goaltending?  Don’t rule out the fact that Pavelec could still come up.  Its not a perfect scenario to have three goalies, I hated it, but the two goalie system isn’t working for them right now.  The other thing is if Pavelec comes up then you trade Hutchinson.  There was a lot of talk about the San Jose Sharks wanting to upgrade their backup position.  There was some interest, I think, in Hutchinson earlier on the season, maybe that gets revisited.  But that’s something that the Winnipeg Jets are certainly looking at.”

Kelly Hrudey added this “Highs and lows because you have two young goaltenders.  Hellebuyck is 23 years old, shut out the Flames on Monday.  Tuesday there is an article about sky high confidence and he did talk about that he knows he has room to improve but hes talking about how he understands the game now.  Then he goes out and gets pulled twice in a row.  My point being that once you kind of think you’ve got it figured out, I know you haven’t yet.”

Talk then switched to coach Paul Maurice and his job security

Elliotte Friedman spoke to this “There has been lots of talk, as you mention about Maurice, with the heavy week they’ve had, the Jets.  I’m told he’s not in trouble and he’s got a contract for next year Ron and I wound’t be surprised if they talk about an extension in the summer.”

You can watch the segment here.