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Saturday Headline: Jacob Trouba situation stagnant

The panel talks about the Jacob Trouba situation.

Trouba up close

During the 2nd period intermission the Saturday night panel spoke about the situation with Jacob Trouba situation as the RFA remains at home in Michigan.

Elliotte Friedman: “Seems like the status quo Ron.  Winnipeg obviously has been very quiet.  They have said they won’t say much.  There is a lot of interest.  There have been a lot of teams from Detroit to Arizona to Florida at one point to L.A., teams have kicked the tires, are definitely interested and obviously the player wants to go.  The Jets still have a very high ask.  I think there is a real sense that they want him to feel like a bit of, I don’t know if “pain” is the right word, but you’re asking out so we want to make you wait….”

Nick Kypreos:  “Just a matter how much they are willing to move him now and at what price because Winnipeg still wants to trade him as if he is a number one or two defenceman so if they’ve got eyes on a Jake Muzzin in L.A. whose a number two that’s not happening, its a non-starter for Los Angeles now to think about that type of deal or a lot of other teams as well.  I think his best scenario is much like a Jonathan Drouin.  Get yourself back into the lineup, come to a contract resolution and hope that there is a sign and trade in the future.”

To watch the full chat click here.  (Starts at 1:39 mark of video).