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Sad State Of Affairs

From The Pens Blog:

In over two and a half years of running this blog, we have never been as self-righteous as we will be in this post.

This is because our intellectual property and namesake are possibly being impersonated by someone else on the Internet. Big deal.  We go around jobbing people on the Internet left and right.

It’s about time that we had a taste of our own medicine. No.  Not really. We rarely provoke people into crap.

We usually respond to someone jobbing us by detailing what they say and spinning it to our benefit. And then we make friends with those people afterwards. OILER NATION and JAPERS’ RINK, to name a few.  Solid blogs.

Unfortunately, for everyone involved in the following situation, no spinning has to be done.  We feel we have to put a disclaimer here saying that we wish no harm to anyone’s reputation in this piece.

For the rest of the story click here.

While nobody in this day and age can be too shocked by the idea that someone is stealing from someone else on the internet this story out of The Pens Blog appears to be one such example of leeching from a popular site in an attempt to make some dough.  I will readily admit that I had never heard the terms “jobbing” or “cyber squatting” prior to reading this article but it really is a shame that people have to resort to these sorts of tactics to make money.  Of course I best be careful what I say as I wouldn’t want to provoke the Cyber Squatters of the net into creating Illegal Curve spawns.  Interesting article and reinforces the idea that when you create a novel idea or service you need to ensure that you protect it because there are many people who will take advantage of any lack of diligence on your part.

Dinner bell rings, time to eat supper and read the latest hockey news as it pertains to the local NHL, AHL and WHL clubs of Winnipeg.

Papers Update:

Morrissey’s leadership on display in Jets’ comeback victory.

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