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Chicago Blackhawks

Rumors, rumors, rumors

From Lyle (Spector) Richardson of The Hockey News:

After months of denying rumors he’d waive his no-movement clause, Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Bryan McCabe may consider a trade after all.

Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher recently claimed McCabe “may be softening” on accepting a trade, adding he’d wait for the blueliner to tell him which teams he’d be willing to waive his no-movement clause for.

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The Leafs are doing whatever they possibly can to rid themselves of McCabe, so you have to think the rearguard will eventually just want to get the heck out of Toronto.  As for Kubina, well, the organization has spoken highly about him in the media, so he may be sticking around town.  Why the Leafs are so adamant about getting rid of McCabe and now possibly want to name Kubina captain is really beyond me.

As for Khabibulin, I’m sure the Hawks will try their best to trade him to any team that will take him prior to the season.  If you are Chicago, and have a solid young netminder that is capable of backing up Huet in Corey Crawford, why would you take Khabby and his salary into the season at the expense of other positions???  It just doesn’t make sense–unless of course, no one wants Khabby.

Finally, it seems Parrish would be a solid fit in Nashville should Alexander Radulov not comeback.