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Edmonton Oilers

Revisiting Gretzky’s exit from Edmonton

From Terry Jones of the Edmonton Sun:

Twenty years ago Wayne’s dad Walter said it was all telegraphed to him.

“I knew Wayne was getting traded days before he did because Nelson Skalbania phoned me and asked, ‘How much does Wayne make?’ I said ‘Why?’ He said ‘Because Peter’s shopping him to the highest bidder. I said ‘No he’s not.’ He said ‘Yes he is.’ That was during the 1988 Stanley Cup finals.

“The day after they won that fourth Cup, Wayne said ‘You know, dad, I’m going to shop for a house in Edmonton.’ And I told him ‘You better forget that, they’re shopping you.’ “

Read the entire article here.

This article must make the Oilers fans thankful that Daryl Katz is now owner of the team and the days of Peter Pocklington are long gone.